Saturday, July 14, 2012

FoxRibbon - Interface Classes for VFP

For GUI lovers our there, here is another very interesting class from Guillermo Carrero, i.e., FoxRibbon

FoxRibbon is a class library VCX 100% Visual FoxPro which offers a number of tools to improve the visual appearance of our applications. Its use and distribution is free to all Visual FoxPro Community.

I have just downloaded the class and immediately I am very very impressed with it.  The class while packaged with 10 colors to choose from, is still highly customizable and comes with some more features like a very nice dropdown calendar, messagebox, progressbar, etc.

I have just run the sample and all I can say immediately at this point of initial tests is 'Wow!'.   I believe there are a lot more features I haven't seen yet.  You can get it from here:

For those of you who don't know it yet, Guillermo Carrero is the co-developer of the also famous FoxBarcode  alongwith Luis Maria Guayan.