Friday, July 27, 2012

Start FireFox with Multiple Tabs

Whenever I open Firefox, I open 3 sites:

  1. Our ISP's Control Center to monitor our VSAT status
  2. Foxite
  3. My Blog's dashboard

So what I do before is:

  1. Open up Firefox and select from my Bookmarks the one for our ISP Control Center
  2. Then click a new tab and select Foxite again from my Bookmarks
  3. Finally click again a new tab and select my blog's dashboard link. 

The process is just okay but since I decided that I really needed to check those 3 whenever I open Firefox, I finally decided to make opening those 3 sites automatic for me.

So if you have a similar need like mine and want to do the same, then the easiest thing to do is instruct your browser to open those sites, each on its own tab, on Firefox's initial run.  How to do that?

a.  Open your browser
b.  click Tools, Options
c.  On General Tab, ensure that When Firefox starts, it is on "Show my home page"
d.  Under the homepage box, type all URLs you want it to open like:|

You have to separate each URL with a vertical pipe sign "|".  The sequence will be followed.

Close your browser.  Then open it up again.  You will see that it will open now all those sites for you, each on its own tab.  You can open more tabs on Firefox's initial run that way.

Although I haven't tested, I believe this can be done on other browsers as well.


Additional Note:

One serious flaw of this approach though as mentioned by a fellow Foxiter Tony Vignone is that when you click the home button, it will re-open all those tabs again thus duplicating what already has been opened.  So if you will use this approach, forget about that Home button.