Friday, March 27, 2015

SwitchX & OptionSwitchX - ssUltimate Library

What is SwitchX?

SwitchX is a descendant of ssSwitch.  It is my attempt to replace the old looking native checkbox of VFP.  Especially in this era of mobile devices, then something like this can be seen on android, Windows or IOS phones, where you can switch it on and off.

What is new?

Better designs, more themes.  I kept changing my designs over and over again where I retain the ones I like and replaces others I don't.  So definitely, some of the themes here will still change in the future; but you can safely guess which I will change later (the ugly ones, what I have shown below will be retained as those are among my fave).

Three new parameters, cToolTipText, nFontSize, cFontName.  I believe the names I used are self-explanatory enough.

What is OptionSwitchX

Well, this is the counterpart of the native OptionGroup of VFP.  I re-used here SwitchX so both will be receiving the same themes.

What is New?

Two new parameters,  cFontName, nFontSize 

OptionSwitchX Limition:

OptionSwitchX can only have a max 12 switches.  The reason for that is in my end, I rarely or never yet needs an OptionSwitchX or even the native OptionGroup with 12 buttons/switch.  So I believe it is more than enough.  Anyway, the codes are included when I release this library to the Subscribers so they can add more if they want.

Themes, where are those coming from?

All of those themes I design using Photoshop.  So you can do the same.  The themes images are stored on a separate class named ImagesSwitch so you can add more themes if you want.  Since I embed the images for extraction converting those into Base64 Binary, then you can use the Binary Block Breaker tool I shared last time for that need:

Here are some of the themes, there are 20 themes right now:

Of course, the actual images are clearer and cleaner than the above because clarity is lost on conversion to a jpg format, and lost further during upload as those I believed were reduced further for faster viewing via web.  Plus the image is resized smaller.

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