Saturday, March 28, 2015

TitleBarX - ssUltimate Library

May 15, 2015

Added _hidebar property to hide the titlebar section of the class.  Good when I wanted transparent section like this:

This Organizer I built to help me remember things while working as Admin reliever can change background on the ply.  And with TitleBarX there as well, then I can always change color of obects on the ply as well.

This is among those I shared to public from this library  For lack of enthusiastic response (my own view) to this inside the forum, then I decided again that when I adjust this, only the subscribers will have those.

Anyway, the source code is there on the shared release so anyone can adjust the shared copy to something what I have done after that; if they like to have the same.

What is New?

Nothing much.  Right now what I have added deals with aesthetics

Better color palette image (at least based on my personal taste) for color picker

Removed spinner for choosing shade of current color selection.  Now, all you need to do after clicking a color which signifies a color selection, is to use the mouse scroll (while on palette) to make the selected color dimmer or lighter.

Changed icon for color picker into a more appealing one (again per my personal taste)

Added a shape for the captions and turned captions into white.  The width of the shape is based on which is longer between the main and sub captions.

Added also a shape on controlbox

Changed default value of _noClock property as .T. (Now clock is hidden by default)

I have been working on different looks of a title bar from ssTitleBar to ssClose and CloseX series and the reason I am preferring this now over those is because of:

  • its capability to pick any color for the form and create varying shades of it on form's objects
  • its capability to change color on-the-ply
  • we can use the section set as titlebar for other things by placing any objects there as shown in this image

Future enhancements I will do on this class will only be available again to my Subscribers (and selected people).


  1. sir can i get democopy of your accounting software

  2. I would like to be able to not show the Color Picker and instead show an application icon of my choice.