Thursday, April 1, 2010

Live Backup v2.1.4

Finally, I was able to finish most of the IT projects that are waiting for me. I said waiting because I came back to the Philippines after a 3-month period of working on the new company as an ICT Manager to wait for my working visa. So for the period September last year to February this year, I am just sitting most of the time in front of my computer in our house in the Philippines. That is when, having nothing much to do, I started my journey with RTF, Automation and my SS Classes.

But I'll be damned, when my working visa arrived where I was recalled immediately this February back to my work, I found out that my staff instead of working on the projects that are supposed to be done, have messed up the settings and restrictions I have left and plainly sits around waiting for me to come back.

Well, there is no use in grumbling and mumbling so I squared my shoulder and immediately set working to straighten things out and finish those multiple projects waiting for me. Lucky for me, I have my "Treeview Monitoring Tool" which is a big help for me. And finally I have seen a crack on my schedules, so I am back!!!!

But what is this new blog all about? This is just to promote my SS Classes I guess. I have made further
enhancements on those and since while working on multiple IT non-developing projects, I am also creating a small tool to help monitor assets and fuel consumptions of the company; then it came around that of course I needed a backup module. Naturally, I sought my Live Backup v2.1.3. However, since I am now using my SS Classes for enhancing the appearance of my new projects, said version no longer match my current project.

So this morning I started working on version 2.1.4 of that. This new version uses SS Classes and I will be damned if I haven't made it better than the last version especially in GUI. Of my 8 classes, only 5 are used here (SSTBNextGen, SSButton, SSConfiner, SSPage, and of course SSSupport which is a must):

NOTE: Click on an image then click again once to view it in its actual size

Folders To Backup Page
Files to Backup Page
Archive Destination Page
Backup Options Page

Have you noticed the page tabs? They are of different colors. SSPage have 7 colors so you can make the colors of each tabs different from the rest.

So there you are! A very nice new GUI in no time at all! That is what you will get when working with SS Classes, ease on designing with beautiful web-like interface. In addition, I made this version now .app instead of .exe so it can be easily called from inside any exe. Want to have the ability to create those cool looking interfaces? Simple, subscribe on my classes at

P.S. Wait for a sample project with my SSClasses so you can personally see how it works.

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  1. Hi Jun
    I would like to have this application
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