Monday, April 12, 2010

SSDTPicker Enhancements

When I originally designed SSDTPicker 2, I thought it is beautiful. However, once I started using that on my end, I have seen that together with other objects (Native VFP and SSClasses alike), said SSDTPicker seems to be out of proportion. It is big and does not appeal to my taste of combination.

So last night, I started working on its new size and I further removed some effects inside the calendar because it seems it just adds confusion to the eyes. Here now is the new size and colors of SSDTPicker.

Click on the image below to see its actual size:

As you can see I added now a border which I don't know why I forgot to do last time. In addition, the 7th color of my ss themes plays between pink or violet. However, when used in my projects, neither of those colors appear to be working well for me so I changed it again into the last color above.

Other more added features (aside from undocumented enhancements I made on that one) are:

a. Spinner Year - I added this one because when using said class, I find it hard to navigate into a different year.

b. Spinner Month - to easily navigate between months. Loops from Jan to Dec.

c. Return to Current Date - this is an overlooked one. I thought I have made this last time but it seems I failed to put the necessary click event.

So there you are, the enhanced SSDTPicker with better and new features. Now I am off to modifying SSCal. It is likewise too big for my taste.

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