Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tips & Tricks # 3: Using SSCAL on a from and to period

Tips & Tricks # 3: Using SSCAL on a from and to period

Although you can see that other SS classes complements each other, right now I am focusing my Tips & Tricks on SSCAL, on how to maximize its possible usage. So now, this simple image shows you that it is likewise good to use it on a From and To period (SSDTPicker is also good for this).

After finishing my enhancements on Editing Module last night, I started enhancing the GUI of Consumption Monitoring Module as well where I replaced my SSDTPickers with SSCALs. Here is the former look using a hot-skinning approach (all SS objects use the same theme and color):

- click to see its real size -

And here now is when I decided to design using combinations of various themes and colors plus adding some SSConfiner objects:

- click to see its real size -

As you can see, the impact on appearance and it seems on its capability versus the old one is huge although both images performs just the same thing.

One problem I begin to have though is when I started designing using a combination of my classes, I can't seem to be satisfied with an output as every color and theme combination I use produces a beautiful appearance. Still, the above is what I have finally decided.

To give you further example about my indecision on what would be the final output, I cannot seem to decide whether to show the front cover first or the inner one. Here it is again if the inside is what is shown as default apperance:

- click to see its real size -

Both have huge impact on a slightly different scale and both looks beautiful. Well, I bet I can decide on any of these two.

One thing I can brag though, using my SS Classes will definitely produce a web-like appearances on your ordinary forms. And that is only the start. Although the possible appearances when using combinations of my existing themes seems to be endless, Wait till I find the time and decide to create more themes and effects; which definitely I will do. Cheers!


  1. id you release the code for your examples ? i can't find it anywhere and i'd enjoy digging through them :)

  2. Nice work!
    Unfortunately however it lacks some features for me:
    1. The ability to prevent days from being selected, by disabling them. Weekends and holidays for example. This could be easily solved bij introducing a table:
    PK, first date to be disabled, last date to disable. etc. etc.
    2. Of less importance but also useful to many, the ability to display week numbers. This involves introducing a column of labels or readonly textboxes, which display the week numbers corresponding to the displayed dates. You would also need a property to indicate which week number algorithm to use.
    3. Another also less important feature should be the ability to localize the UI to another language.

    Unfortunately the version I downloaded, does not offer me the possibility to make the changes myself;-)

    Thanks anyway.


  3. Eduard,

    Which codes are you asking? The codes on a from and To usage of SSCAL?

    Opa Paul,

    Yes those are great features. However, my focus right now is not into those. If I enhance my classes in the future, that would be more on GUI effect. But certainly those are good additions to the SSCAL class.

    To ALL,

    I moved blogging again into New entries can be seen there.

  4. Dear Jun

    can you please tell me, as you do to display a percent in column consumption

    Thank you

  5. Hello Jun
    i am looking a long time for "show precent" in a grid. I have seen your side in the internet and i was very surprised and amazed waht i have seen.
    Please can you tell me, how do you incrase the percent (Bar graphic) in the grid?