Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SSConfiner Updates

I noticed that I failed to address one issue with SSConfiner in VFP9, i.e., Anchoring. Since I made my own computations inside, when a form is resized SSConfiner is resized albeit improperly. So now that I have the time every night to go through the classes one by one, I am making the necessary adjustments. Anchoring feature is now fixed.

Another issue, very discreet and cannot be easily noticed except by some who are very particular with details, is the shadow option. The shadow, when enabled, actually does not appear properly. The shadow appears properly on the right portion but the lower portion is hidden. Fixed that as well.

Look at the images below: normal size, dragged to the right and down, then dragged to the left and down. The middle has no Anchoring so it is not resizing. It is shown there for comparison purposes only; and also to show how an SSConfiner playing with various _settings may appear.


P.S. One mistake I made on the middle SSConfiner caption, inside color is not the default one. The default setting is no inside color. However, I already captured said image so I will just make this note.

Also as you have maybe noticed, I did not include any of my classes in the sample form. The topic is SSConfiner so it remains pure about it. However, just for fun, we will add SSTBnextGen and SSPage now; just to see the difference, LOL! Below SSTBNextGen is red using theme 4. SSPage tabs uses green color.

As usual, click on the images to see those in their actual sizes.

So how was it? Looks like web page objects eh?

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