Thursday, December 13, 2012

ssClasses Library now in VFPx

ssClasses is now made public as open source at VFPx.  The initial release though does not involve ssButton and ssTitlebar yet being that those two are dependent on for the image requirements; the process  I decided to discontinue.  However, expect that those 2 will be added there in the near future.

As for ssClasses library, I welcome interested parties to participate in enhancing that library.  You can either email me suggestions or if you would like to work with me on that directly, send me an email as well.  In the tradition of CodePlex and of course VFPx, the library is now without any restriction from me.  And since the codes are there now, I know we can all make it better still!  My email allotted for this is

Here is the link of the project in VFPx:

You can check the download link from there.

For my existing subscribers, I would like to say a very heartfelt Thank You to you guys!  Your contributions has helped me as well as others whom some of those funds from your contributions has already went to and the rest will still go in the future.

And I can't help but be amused that the first time I started working on the initial classes and decided to share those inside Foxite forum was in December; and now it is December again.  So, once more, Advance Merry Christmas every one!

Special thanks goes to Doug Hennig, Rick Schummer, Craig Boyd, Jim Nelson and Matt Slay for giving me the proper directions and assisting me in making this project available for VFPx.  

Special thanks also goes to Ony Too for his dropdown calendar class.  This small class has a very strong influence over ssClasses library.  As well as to my cousin Glen Villar for volunteering his Polypoint clock.  I just made that into the class adding some more features along the way but the engine running the clock is his.


  1. I don't know about everyone else, but for me it's a big step to make my code sources available to public. I've been watching your blog for several years and heard about you personally from onytoo. Two thumbs up for you! :)

  2. Thank you foxy! I look at Ony Too as my friend.