Thursday, December 20, 2012

ssFader class

Here is a new class that will give you fading capability on your forms.  This has been mentioned to me the other night by Daryll Bautista saying maybe I would like to create a fader class.  And I told him that is a great  idea which I have not thought of myself.

So in the next release of ssClasses library which is planned this week, expect ssFader.  This is a control class with spinner.  And like some of my other classes employing ssSkinner class like ssTitlebar, this one also retains the user settings as well.  Meaning, when you go back to the form where this is dragged, then you will be coming back from your previous fader setting.

There is nothing much to say about this class, you just drag it into your form and let it work its magic by simply spinning up and down (1 to 100).  Here is how it looks (also showing you new skins for ssClose3 because I am working on those as well):


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