Friday, December 21, 2012


Note as of December 28, 2012:

It was reported to me that ssThrobber do not work on others.  And when I checked here, it is only working on my machine but not on the rest of my users.  So here is a fix to make it work on your end.  You should register ssThrobber:

Step 1:

Click start button, run. Browse and look for where ssThrobber.exe is in you computer (d:\ssdemos). However, do not click OK yet and type a parameter /automation. Then click ok button and test again.

In the run box should be something like: 

d:\ssdemos\ssthrobber.exe /automation

Step 2:

Copy paste these into a notepad. Then save it as ssthrobber.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




After it was saved, double-click it.  That should fix the problem.


Remember the throbber idea I shared last time in Weblogs?  Well it was reported before that during heavy processing, the animation stops.  Lucky for us Bernard Bout has showed another way on how to utilize that throbber by making it an exe and calling that from within our app.  Being that is now running on a different thread, then it is no longer affected by heavy processing on our app.

Following his instructions and codes, here is how to use that separate exe on our end:

local loThrobber
loThrobber = CREATEOBJECT('ssthrobber.animate')

* Do your SQL SELECT here or any processes that will take long

loThrobber = Null

Very simple to use.  Just make sure that you copy that ssThrobber.exe where your app is.

This will be included likewise in the next upload together with  ssClasses library.

Also, if anyone who has a good throbber in their end would be willing to share theirs, please email me those so later I can put some more options such as changing the throbber to appear, etc.

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