Saturday, December 15, 2012

ssTransparent Class

Lately I am into creating irregular transparent forms (again) that I decided to create a class  instead of me repeating creating properties and methods and placing codes in each form I wanted to be transparent.  And said class is working good on my end.  Aside from making the form transparent, it will also make it movable.

Here are the steps to use this class:
  • Design an image in photoshop to be used as background.  The background color should be RGB(0,0,64) because that is what I use on my end.  Save it as bitmap.
  • Create a new form or open an existing form then set its Picture property to that  bitmap image
  • Drag ssTransparent class and drop it into that form
  • Change form's ShowWindow property into 2
And that is it, just run your form and see that portions of your form will become transparent based on the image you used as form background that are of color RGB(0,0,64).   In addition to that, your form will also be movable.

Irregular transparent form, though, is good only for forms that do not need to be resized.    Here is a preview of how some of my forms which are not meant to be resized look on my end.  Of course, other classes inside my library is also used on other objects such as ssButton to make things look better.  Can you guess simply by looking at it that this is VFP?

I am advicing everyone interested in ssClasses library to install Thor tool developed and shared to us by Jim Nelson because after you set it up  at an interval to automatically check for latest versions of whatever tools are on your end, then it will auto-download updates for you and that will include ssClasses library in the future.


  1. Hey Jun,

    Really slick looking forms. The user must love to work with your screens. It will make people happy even on Monday morning!

  2. Thank you Dan! Yes they are indeed very happy. Appearances of our modules, whether we like it or not, affects users' mood. Originally those started as ordinary looking forms, but whenever I have extra time I slowly change existing modules' GUI on my end. And I know my users love it more every time I do something like that seeing the smiles on their faces.

  3. I am posting my ideas here and images as well to serve as a sort of guide to readers. If they find the things I am posting here appealing, maybe they will think also of doing the same.

  4. Hi,

    After getting subscription what I will get from it.

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  5. I want to be the member of this. If I subscribe, what I will get in return? I will get the code and whatever I asked for!

    Please reply, it is one time fee or annually I have to pay



  6. Hi, better subscriber for ssUltimate Libary. It is just a one-time payment and you will have the library with all the classes with all the codes and you will also receive updates or new classes I create now and then for that library. Click on Subscribe button above