Thursday, December 20, 2012

ssPolyClock Enhancements

Just to set the records straight, co-author of ssPolyClock is my cousin, Glen Villar, who also has his own blog (Reporters' Assistant) is the one who originally programmed this analog clock to run based on polypoint manipulations.  He volunteered this class last time to be included in my library so I incorporated that into ssclasses and added the move-anywhere functionality, skin switching and other more features plus of course the early skins; to make the appearance look better.  But the engine to make the clock work is his.  So let us give the guy the proper credit.

Another pinoy is making and will be making more impact on ssClasses library.  He is Daryll Bautista (known inside foxite as yllrad atsituab), a fellow foxiter and working as Tech Support, Developer and Designer in our country.  A very young man, currently only 22 years of age who lives in Tacloban City in the Philippines.

I noticed inside the forum that he is good in GUI so I talked to him behind foxite if he is interested in lending his designing skills to us to give ssClasses library better appearances on the next release(s); and lucky for us he has agreed.

Changelog for ssPolyClock as of December 20, 2012:
  • 7 new skins (Web Style Strips theme) from Daryll Bautista
  • Tidied up a bit on codes plus clock skins location
  • Added _ThemeSet property of integer value, default value of 1.  Since this class now will have a lot of skins, I decided to break those into themes which means the skins will cycle based on the current _themeset value.  As of now, the available sets are 1 (classic or the skins I created before) and 2 (Web Style Strips from Daryll).  

Below is Daryll's  first set named Web Style Strips.  Believe me, if you like this new set, you better wait for the next releases of themes from him.  These are just appetizers so to speak, LOL!

And just so you can see how it looks like when used, here it is on its actual size:

The plan is to release the next update of ssClasses library this week. Cheers!  

P.S.  For those who are waiting for the requested Metal themes, please wait a while because I have requested Daryll to make at least 7 of different looks for that theme.

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