Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Changelog as of December 20, 2012:

  • Fixed marker that is left behind when class is in focus and is disabled
  • Added _NoBackSpace property per request of MK.  When this is set to .T., you won't be able to go back to previous control using Backspace.
  • Added getting value directly from the class (forgot to add this last time)

A subscriber surprised me yesterday afternoon by saying thanks in my email about my textbox class.  Where I said to myself, what textbox class?  So I checked and indeed there is an ssTextBox inside my library.  Then I remembered he requested last time for a textbox with curvature where I started working on it.  But then since other subscribers are repeatedly asking me to immediately release the latest updates of the library, after I have the basic need which is curvature, I left it and worked enhancing on the existing ones, sent the latest to them and then immediately focused back on my works in our company.   So ssTextBox remained to have only one feature, i.e., a textbox with curvature; no more no less.

While my said subscriber is happy with the curved textbox he has requested, he is now wondering how to resize that like what can be done to my other ssClasses class; which of course in this case is not there yet.  Realizing I have that unfinished class and suddenly feeling guilty knowing it is being used in production with only that feature, I told him I forgot about it and that I will work on giving it more features.  So last night, I decided to see what I can do further with it and I can say that now it is really worthy to be part of ssClasses:

  • First and foremost, it can either look like the native textbox which is square or you can apply curvature via Curvature Property, default value is 10.
  • The ability to resize and apply anchor 

  • This one changes bordercolor when in focus to highlight which among the ssTextBox instances on a form is currently in focus.  Default is light green but user can simply change it to their own choosing via BorderColor property.

  • In addition to changing BorderColor when in focus, I also added a sort of marker at the rightmost part. 

  • I was satisfied by the marker feature when in focus that I decided to create another and using BlockBreaker tool I shared last time, here also is is marker 2

Although I doubt that there is someone who won't like that marker feature, just to make things flexible and just in case someone really does not like it, then the marker can be easily turned off simply by setting the _marker property to 0.  Defalt value is 1 or that green check shown above.
  • Added backcolor changing ability as well.  Default is white.

Other features:
  • The ability to have a controlsource
  • The ability to specify a value
  • The ability to easily clear its contents via double-click (have been doing this on my end on native textboxes before).
  • Can be enabled/disabled
Well, that is all I can think of right now.  In the future I may add some more features on it.  But for now, these features alone will add beauty to your app.  Enjoy!

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